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World Health Statistics 2008

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WHO Statistical Information System (WHOSIS)
World Health Statistics 2008

WHOSIS, WHO Statistical Information System, is an online database of the most recent and comprehensive health information on all of the 193 WHO Member States. The data, selected on the basis of quality and availability, relevance to global health, and comparability across member nations, cover over 70 core health indicators, which are organized into six major categories: mortality and burden of disease, health service coverage, risk factors, health system inputs, differentials in health outcome and coverage, as well as basic socio-demographic statistics. These data, which are also published in the World Health Statistics that is released in May of each year, can be accessed from the online database by way of a quick search, or by major categories, or through user-defined tables. The retrieved data can then be further filtered, charted or downloaded.

World Health Statistics 2008 presents the most recent health statistics for WHO’s 193 Member States. This fourth edition includes 10 highlights in health statistics, as well as an expanded set of over 70 key health indicators. It includes, for the first time, trend data where the statistics are available and of acceptable quality.



Part 1 - Ten highlights in health statistics

Part 2 - Global health indicators (tables)

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