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Relevantamiento de Planes y Políticas Nacionales de Salud

Resultados e Implicaciones.

There is a broad range of national health policy instruments currently being employed in the Americas ; their diversity stems from different national political and policy processes in the countries of the Region. This section features official documents supporting national health priorities, goals, and targets; which include: national health policies, strategic health plans, and national consensus agreements on health, among others. As new official health policy documents become available, they will be added to this section. Those engaged in the design, analysis or implementation of health policies will find the material in this section a valuable source of information.

Health Agenda for the Americas 2008-2017

Agenda de Salud para las Américas 2008-2017

Agenda de Saúde para as Américas 2008-2017

Programme d'action sanitaire pour les Amériques 2008-2017

This PAHO/WHO position paper builds upon the legacy of Alma Ata and the PHC movement, distills lessons learned from PHC and health reform experiences, and proposes a set of key values, principles, and elements essential for building health systems based on PHC. It postulates that such systems are necessary to tackle the “unfinished health agenda” in the Americas .

Contacto: Cristina Puentes –Markides Asesora en Análisis de Políticas, Área de Sistemas y Servicios de Salud, OPS/OMS(202)974-3218 puentesc@paho.org

Fuente: Pan American Health Organization, PAHO/WHO

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